Can I lay my PS5 flat? It might save you buying a new one.

Written by TechByteAuthor
This question seems to becoming more and more popular “Can I lay my PS5 flat?” – Well some new evidence has come to light which might make you want to only lay your PS5 flat.

So if you’re just unpacking your new PS5 and deciding where you should keep it or if you have been using your PS5 since launch and may be looking for a change, Can I lay my PS5 flat?

Although Sony representatives and various tech publications have claimed that it doesn’t matter which way the PS5 is used, two years after release, a number of hardware specialists and console retail stores have discovered that doing so can irreversibly harm the device.

There has been a report published on that claims using your PlayStation 5 in a vertical position will cause serious damage over time due to a major design flaw in the design choices by Sony.

The liquid metal used to cool the APU is prone to leakage and becoming uneven, which affects cooling, and this is the problem. Since months ago, the proprietor of ILoveMyConsole, a retail store in France, has been attempting to bring attention to this issue by asserting that it is not a unique problem.

So “Can I Lay my PS5?” maybe not, but there are others who are now arguing that the severity of the issue has been exasperated.

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