Counter-Strike 2 officially announced for release this summer

Counter-Strike 2
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Valve has officially announced Counter-Strike 2, and for those fortunate enough to meet the requirements, they’ll be able to participate in a beta test of the game this week that Valve is referring to as a limited test. The length of this initial installment of the game is not yet known, but according to Valve’s FAQ, players will be able to use all of their CS:GO inventory goods, including weapon finishes, stickers, and other stuff, however changing inventory items while playing the game will not be permitted.

Since Counter-Strike 2 represents the biggest technical advance in the series’ history, new features and updates will be available for years to come.

The journey to Counter-Strike 2 starts today as a Limited Test for a small group of CS:GO players, but all of the game’s new features won’t be exposed until it makes its public debut this summer. We’ll be testing a portion of the features in order to iron out any kinks before the general release.

This summer, CS:GO will receive a free update to Counter-Strike 2. So build your loadout, improve your abilities, and prepare yourself for what’s ahead.

Below is a summary of the smoke improvements. These pertain to how smoke is used and dealt with during gameplay.

  • Smoke Grenades are now dynamic volumetric objects that interact with the environment, and react to lighting, gunfire, and explosion
  • Smoke can now interact with other gameplay occurrences, opening up new possibilities. Smoke can be pushed to temporarily clear sightlines or increase obstruction by bullets and HE grenades.
  • Now the smoke will leak out of unlocked entrances and damaged windows, go down and up staircases, as well as expand along lengthy corridors and merge with other smokes.
  • Smoke particles in Counter-Strike 2 integrate with the unified lighting system to produce more lifelike light and colour.

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