Google TV announces remote that never runs out of battery.

Google TV Remote Self Charging
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When your remote’s batteries run out, it might be annoying, especially if you don’t have any spares. With its self-charging battery, a future Google TV remote might solve that issue.

A new Google TV remote was unveiled by TW Electronics at CES 2023. Even while it has the same button layout as the standard Google TV remote, it differs slightly from other Google TV remotes in one particular way.
This remote contains a photovoltaic panel that enables it to use light to replenish the battery, similar to a solar battery charger for your phone. Exeger is a Swedish manufacturer of solar cells that is responsible for this panel.

While this isn’t the first self charging TV remote on the market, it is the first from Google. Samsung announced their Eco Remote at CES 2022.

With the use of Wi-Fi routers’ otherwise squandered energy, Samsung has developed a television remote control that runs without batteries.

The Eco Remote was first introduced by the company last year as a solar-powered gadget. At the time, Samsung said that the remote might save 99 million AAA batteries from ending up in landfills over the following seven years. The company has now unveiled a new model of the device at the 2022 CES technology trade show in Las Vegas, which incorporates a tiny antennae that can capture Wi-Fi signals from a distance of up to 40 meters, allowing it to charge even in dark environments.

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